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Please make sure you have read this web page by January Your homework over the weekend will be to complete one of the APP assignments, so you need to be familiar with how it works. If you don't understand something, I can clear it up for you before the weekend. Everyone takes the National Latin Exam. This year the exam will be administered in class. We will take the exam two weeks before spring break. The exam will count in this class.

The grammar section and the reading section will count as two quiz grades. The culture section grade will be your choice to count or not.

Grade 10 Academic Latin Evaluation Profile & Outline Earl Haig Secondary School

We will work on topics for this exam each Friday. Follow the instructions from Mrs. Work on the project in class from December 6 to December Hand in the Project on December 14 at the end of class. This project is in place of a Perseus test. Create a Review Card This is homework from Nov.

The card must be completed and handed in by Friday, Dec. If you are planning to be absent, hand it in early please. No extensions. If you are ill, send it in with a friend or ask a parent to drop it off.

Latin Study Guide Book 2 | Grammatical Gender | Grammatical Number

Better yet, get it done early! Hand it in before the 14th of December! Salvete, I emailed you the powerpoints and uploaded them here under More Files. Please read them in order, 1. I shared the summer doc with you. You do not have to fill it in online. You should look through the list of vocabulary and write out the neuter second declension nouns on the sheet we started in class.

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You may write on the back. You may need to add a sheet of paper. Google meanings you don't know. If you finish before 30 minutes, start the first declension list.

Past Assignments

I will check this work on Friday. Print out ONLY the last page and bring it to class tomorrow.

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Look in your email. You will see 2 items. One is a story with three chapters widely spaced sentences - a children's book and a separate vocabulary reference.

You do not have to take notes, just watch. Gallia nom. Gauls appellantur passive voice, third person pl. Make a list of all the verbs in story Hercules and the Serpents. Translate each verb. In each group choose 1 writer. Together, translate! Skip lines. Translate as many passages as possible. Work the entire time please. Hand in work to Mrs. Please make sure you take excellent notes on Kate Gilbert's help and that you take thorough notes on her info.

Make sure you take notes on Doug Smith's 12 types and that you draw them. Finally, make sure you read the teacher note section. URLs are in your coin journal. You must have your coin journal in class every day from now until the end of school. You were to type your passage, mark the macrons by hand, bring the double spaced, 14 pt, Times New Roman paper to class tomorrow. We will work with these papers in class, so you must have them. Detention will be the consequence of not showing up on Thursday at the start of CAT.

Please see me to discuss what you need to make up.


If you missed class on Tuesday, Jan. Hand in notes asap. Know the relative pronoun chart. Know how to determine the gender, number, and case of the pronoun. Know the rules we discussed in class. Print out the exam if you have not done this already and take the exam. Write answers on a separate sheet of paper and time yourself. You get 45 minutes. Go to www. Go to the exams and print out the Latin I and Latin 2 exams and bring them to class. Start studying your conversational Latin notes.

By now you have received feedback from me regarding what needs to be fixed before you present on Thursday. Some of you never shared your work so I couldn't comment. See me if you are in that situation. See me no later than Monday! Expect a homework check on the vocabulary in the conversation.

Please study these words and phrases well.