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Paul Young (singer and guitarist): Astrological Article and Chart

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The cosmos presents a mixed picture. On the one hand, Jupiter suggests lots of fun in store, while on the other Saturn and Pluto indicate an equal helping of hard work. Patience is required and when it comes to progress, accept even small steps are a plus.

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Compromise is required, to avoid both endless drudgery and an abject denial of your responsibilities. Realise your physical resources are by no means inexhaustible, so attend to minor health concerns before these escalate disproportionally.

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You are typically modest and retiring, so the unabashed voyage of strident Mars through your sign has not invariably been comfortable. You have been rushed off your feet since mid-August, with your everyday activities developing a life of their own, often in stark contrast to what you had planned.

This has left you with the nagging sense that you are running late and not doing all you should, so the imminent departure of the Red Planet from your region of the sky begins this month on a welcome note. Now, money matters become the focus of concern: not just your outgoings as you probably feared, but your earning ability too. Mercury departs on October 3, leaving the Sun and Venus in your sign. However, any calm is short-lived, as Mars completes a second trio of celestial bodies highlighting your constellation, less than twenty-four hours afterwards.

Mercury governs communication: so this means conversation, calls, messages and short journeys close to home.


It is cerebral: best deployed if you are studying, negotiating or debating. The latter is visceral and favours physical activity, to get the most from its visit.

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Compromise is less likely. Struggle to preserve your poise….

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There is a curious mixture of planetary influences, affecting your universe this month. Mercury in your sign from October 3 joined by Venus a mere five days later, gives you sufficient charm to export ice cubes to northern Canada and salt to the Danakil Depression. Kelly's Star Signs. Astrology for the Soul. Your Exact Time of Birth to 1 Sec.

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