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When seen in an individual birth chart, Uranus in Taurus could bring revolutionary ideas, originality and genius. One of the famous scientists, Nikola Tesla, had Uranus in Taurus, which suggests here comes the period of discoveries, inventions and innovations. Everything material is associated with the sign of Taurus; Uranus brings rebellion, disturbance and transition. It is said that when Uranus is in Taurus, people would intensify their conflicts over what is material, such as land, natural resources, pure money.

How Uranus in Taurus does affect an individual? Uranus in Taurus could face you with completely unexpected situations, to challenge you and make you wonder about everything you have known so far.

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Uranus in Taurus faces one with sudden changes or with opportunities to change something from its roots. You should ask yourself about whether it could be good or not. Is the change this situation brings what you actually want or just something attractive and exciting? People who have Uranus in Taurus often ask themselves this.

Now we will focus on purely personal effects of Uranus in Taurus. On a personal level, Uranus in Taurus could inspire one to pursue their goals and to stop being afraid of being different. Uranus in Taurus promotes individuality and originality and makes one daring. Uranus in Taurus inspires art and creativity in general. Not only it could help an individual openly to express their creativity, but it also opens new opportunities for all sorts of creative works on a global level.

Uranus in Taurus suggests one not to be only part of the mass, but a unique personality. It could awaken your genius and bring you to fantastic, innovative ideas others would find the most intriguing and daring, but also useful and practical. This strange astrological combo reminds you friends, family and people matters. It could make us closer to each other, in the age when it seems people got distanced amongst themselves.

Uranus in Taurus could open new ways of meeting people, of finding the love of your life and many more. It also indicates great possibility for doing the job you love and earning enough money for a comfortable living. Since Uranus in Taurus is not a natural and good place for this planet, because their energies are opposing and very different, Uranus in Taurus could bring changes that are unpleasant, undesirable. It could literally crush down your dreams and face you with entirely different circumstances, which is something you do not wish for. It could also happen that there is a constant urge for making changes on a deeply personal level.

Uranus in Taurus could bring instability, irritability, impatience and restlessness.

It all depends on other aspects, such as your native sign. Aries people could expect financial changes and the change of their perception of material values.

Gemini could unravel many mysteries and dedicate to something completely new. Cancer people should expect changes on a social level; they would lose some friends, but also make new ones. Leos will face changes on a professional level. Virgos should expect travels, getting more education abroad, learning from foreigners. Libras could also experience financial changes, Scorpios those related to love life.

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Sagittarius, career related changes. Aquarius should become more oriented towards home and family. Usually mysterious and reserved Pisces could become more talkative and open.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

These are only general potentials of Uranus in Taurus in each one of native zodiac signs. Uranus in Taurus in men signs could manifest in many ways. Uranus in Taurus in general makes an awkward combination.

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According to some astrological analyses, this transit of Uranus brings a period of trying to balance traditional values with innovation. In men signs, it could manifest in any area of life, of course. If we speak about native Taurus man, Uranus in Taurus would make this man impatient, eager to make some radical changes. He might even surprise himself with ideas that come up his mind. At first, this makes him confused, maybe irritate and angry. However, he would soon sort things out and he would be able to accept this completely new way of thinking.

Regardless of his native sign, a man with Uranus in Taurus could come up to some genius ideas, related to his personal life. Men with Uranus in Taurus in a birth chart have original way of approaching a lady, but it always remains in reasonable limits and is never overdone. Uranus in Taurus in men signs never inspires the desire to change the world, but only to change something on a personal level. Uranus Taurus women are also oriented towards changes on a personal level and they feel a great need to change their ways.

They are also oriented towards changing their career goals and they become more open to risks. Women with Uranus in Taurus always try to find some new, original ways to make their own home a happier and more comfortable place. Since they enjoy creating and making things, they could come up with some rather original ideas and even turn it into profit.

All people with accentuated Taurus are oriented towards material stability, meaning it is very important to them. In women, this could often lead to creating their own job, becoming their own bosses and working in a creative environment. Uranus, the tricky, surprising guest in a birth chart, as well as in more general astrological interpretations, brings changes, whenever it is placed.

Uranus in Taurus primarily affects our sense of material values, in total. People might ask themselves how dependant they are of their finances and of material values in general. We will start wondering about that and soon we will come up to new ideas. Although he is clearly emotional, he has real trouble showing it.

It is not easy for him to relax enough to open up and share his emotional and sexual world with you. This can lead to mistrust by his partner, because there is no real clarity on his inner Self. When he does open his heart to someone, he gives away the gift of ultimate trust that should be treasured. This is when you know he will never let you down. He has a flair for romance and when he feels attractive, he will do anything to win the heart of his loved one. The most wonderful side of dating a Taurus man is the relaxed state with no stress at all. He can stay at home and laugh at you while eating whipped cream off your shoulder, or take you to watch a sunset in another country.

It would all be the same to him for he feels no pressure to do any one of these things and has the ability to be spontaneous. He is a complicated man with a strong emotional side that is to be incorporated in a masculine world around him. He can often feel inadequate because of this tenderness he is aware of, and sometimes tries very hard to get rid of his soft side although it is one of his biggest qualities. When he is sad, he will hide his feelings from the rest of the world and maybe even from people closest to him. Taurus man is generous, tender and devoted, but can sometimes be too stiff and unmovable.

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If he is aware of his weaknesses, he can turn to sports or any sort of physical activity in order to feel more grounded and ready for action. If he falls into his inert state, there is a great chance he will be boring to himself, let alone his partner. If you want an easy solution, buy him something practical like a cotton T shirt or a pair of trousers. Also, the sign of Taurus is connected to food and the sense of taste, so many Taurus representatives like to spend some time in the kitchen.

This is why any interesting kitchenware can be a good fit in case he already discovered how much he likes to cook. If you really want to make your Taurus man happy, put on a sexy apron, prepare a romantic dinner and bake a chocolate cake with his name written in colorful letters. Taurus sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Taurus woman - information and insights on the Taurus woman. Taurus horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Taurus horoscopes. Taurus compatibility - the compatibility of taurus with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life.

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