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As mentioned in my previous article s , the final results of Khala Yoga or any yoga will actually depend upon many factors and it is only after a thorough and detailed examination of the horoscope that one should try to conclude. I will, now, try to explain and elaborate upon this exchange between 1 and 3 houses as below. In addition to other things like siblings, ear, movement, change, journey etc.

And, the First house deals with self, physique, nature, strength, intellect, fame and success etc. Therefore, the exchange between first and third house of a horoscope will primarily influence these specific aspects; and, the overall conclusion is to be drawn in accordance with the general results of this Yoga. That is, formation of a Khala Yoga with exchange between first and third house of the horoscope may generate following results:. Generally, the Ascendants ruled by the Sun or Saturn i. One may follow the path of incest and malpractice: These traits are not independent; and, mere house exchange between first and third house may not be able to generate such influence on a nativity.

Like, if Mars is joined by the Moon in first house of Aquarius Ascendant Kumbha Lagna and Saturn is combust in third house where it is occupying its debilitated sign ; then, chances of such traits will become more prominent. Or,if Venus is joined by Rahu in first house of Leo Ascendant Simha Lagna and the Sun which will be debilitated in third house is joined by the Moon in third house; then also, the possibilities of such traits one being corrupt or following the path of incest and malpractice will become stronger.

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This is more possible when the lords of tenth, eleventh or twelfth house are also getting involved with some weakness or disturbance. For example, in Capricorn Ascendant Makar lagna the lord of third house Jupiter will also be having lordship over twelfth house signifying expenses and losses. Like, one may remain unstable in career, may experience lack of security and trust within professional dealings and may also suffer from financial losses.

For example, if Sun is joined by Mercury in third house of Leo Ascendant, Venus is in first house and Jupiter is in seventh house wherefrom it will be having its auspicious aspect on Sun, Mercury and Venus ; then, despite the formation of Khala Yoga, the native may expect good results in professional and financial matters.

The influence of supportive and auspicious planets on the relevant planets generating Khala Yoga i.

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The involvement of well disposed sophisticated planets in formation of this yoga may induce positive traits related with arts, music, singing, painting, dancing or may bless the native with success in entertainment or sports. Not to mention, the disposition of these planets lords of first and third house should also be examined in relevant divisional charts. Side 16 af 42 bhadaka rasi shall also be bhadaka signs and instigate the bhadaka into tormenting the native.

Does it mean the significators of sun, mercury, venus and saturn torment the native? Will selfless service karma yoga to a spiritual mentor guru who will protect the AL reputation as this is what I believe brings forth grace of the Guru and that is what I have been doing all my life. Thanks and Regards Cyebele Anna Says: June 24th. What will happen when 2 planets, are involved in yoga?

DKDY where planets are in 2 diff. Anna Visti Larsen Says: June 24th. Mars and Rahu in the ninth give misfortune because of battles. If the battles are constant then so is the misfortune.

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If this happens in the eleventh from arudha lagna, then we can infer that the native is themself inviting these battles to augment income. Anna See what i wrote to Venkatesha in this regard. One planet is the specific giver of the yogas fruits - usually this is fifth or ninth lords. This planets nakshatra is then to be analyzed.

Dinesh Says: June 25th. Side 17 af 42 my dob is 3rd Augst A. Ralla Says: June 27th. Seeking clarification on Parvirtana. For Taurus lagna, Sat and Jup in lagna.

Venus in 10th Rahu in 4th. Is there a parivartana, between Sat and Venus? If not is it because Rahu is owner of 10th and not Sat? Merc in Mesha 12th with Mars in Mithuna 2nd. Exchange of Rajas and Tamas planets. In Merc dasa, will Mars effects as lord of 12,7 and 2 by occupancy predominate. Your ki nd clarifications on this interesting subject. Regards, Ralla Sharat Says: June 27th. The Gunas do not exchange in this way; Me and Ma arent in parivartana.

Su and Sa are both in MKS but will they exchange karakatwa being natural enemies?

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Regards Sharat Ralla Says:. There is noKSY. Side 18 af 42 June 29th. Ralla Says: July 9th. My jupiter vargottama in leo lagna and sun in 5th house. Do note that Mars and Rahu are also in Lagna. I have mars in virgo and mercury in vargottama in scorpio.

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Thank you so much in advance. Rgds, manasa Side 19 af 42 for eg:mithun lagna pv between jupiter[lagna] and mercury [mky7th house] taurus lagna: pv between sun[12th house] and mars[4th house].. SS Says: August 16th. I have a queston regarding parivartana in my chart. My lagna is scorpio.

The exchange is between 7th and 8th houses.

Parivartana yoga, 1 & 2 house, Maha Yoga | Yogas in Astrology, part 6

That is 7th and 12th lord venus is placed in 8th house with satum while 8th and 1 1th house lord mercury is placed in 7th house with ketu. At present I am under saturn mahadasa. Please kindly express your opinion regarding this exchange. Thank you, Regards, SS Sunil Says: August 20th. One between vakri vargottama Bu lord of AL in the 8th and vakri Sa in the 12th. The second partivartana is between 8th co-lord Ra and 6th lord Ju.

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Paul Says: September 28th. In one of yours lectures I have read that one who has Saturn in the 9th house should worship divine Mother to get her blessing. Side 20 af 42 worship? In my case moon in leo and with sun in navamsa, so is it right to worship Matangi? Can you give a mantra? Second question: I have read that tamasic planets are very bad in trines when they are exalted and retrograde.

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Saturn changed his guna from tamas to rajas. So my question is, whether satum is should be considered as bad? In my chart Saturn is also atmakarak and placed in aries navamsa. Is that indicating a lot of suffering in Saturn mahadasa?