March 16 venus transit astrology

It is like going into the deep, dark cave of oneself in whatever area of life is covered by the planet that is retrograde.

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It is a time of moving backward, perhaps of going back to pick up pieces lost in the past. It is a retrieval, a turning inward, perhaps a letting-go. How Long Does It Last?

The Venus retrograde period usually lasts about six weeks. In , Venus went retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5, and retrograded back into Pisces, finishing on November 16, This brought up relationship issues which would not fully resolve until Venus had again turned direct and also passed the degree of Scorpio where she turned retrograde, which happened on December On that day she was done retracing old relationship ground and her mission to teach us about relationships was over for the year.

There are two of them and they act like bookends, forming the beginning and ending of a Venus cycle. Relationships formed within a week or two of a Relationship Rapture Day tend to be solid, forward-looking relationships that can look forward to a long lifespan.

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Events in these relationships move forward with speed and decisiveness. There is another kind of epiphany during the Venus cycle—it occurs while Venus is retrograde, on the day she conjuncts the Sun. I call this Relationship Clarity Day, because if Venus retrograde has been putting your relationship through the wringer, clarity is likely to come on this day, leading to a deeper intimacy and authenticity in your relationship.

Alternatively, it can also bring the clarity that leads to a breakup or a discussion of irreconcilable differences pointing to a likely breakup. It is reasonable to suggest that the Mercury Rx will impel the mind to Remember past loves. The transit of Mercury occurs on , the day of Remembrance.

And we know what body parts Scorpio rules. Incidentally I was chatting with a British woman right now and she asked me the time am pst. Last week, before the M Rx pre-shadow period, I finally bought my domain name — woohoo! I read years ago, that Microsoft, among others, would launch software products during Mercury Rx, because future updates and changes would come more naturally.

Interesting point. I had surgery during the last retrograde — correction of a previous issue. It went really smoothly…. Thanks Gerald!

That Microsoft story does sound like a positive. I do get frustrated at how M Rx and its new-fangled pre and post shadow zones gets such negativity and pessimism. Thank you! Mercury Rx is in its Joy 1st house in the New Age chart. These two charts have prominence mainly because of primary ingresses. Uranus ingress Aquarius and of course, Regulus ingress Virgo.

Between these two charts, Mercury Rx carries a heavy load, a journey already started 23 years and 8 years ago. To further rectify, this point culminates the two referenced charts to a total of 33 combined years, to the day. I am 32 and will be 33 November 4th!! Could this Mercury Retrograde be a celebration of an amazing ending to this 23 years of suffer? I feel great!

Retrograde means different things to different people depending on their circumstances.

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This retrograde is about money or some form of material gain and growth. With retrograde in the Scorpio-Taurus polarity of money this Scorpio Rising Venus in Taurus will not be thinking about past lovers who should have their own lives and sorted by now, instead I expect the retrograde to steer me in the direction of thinking about and seeing opportunities for financial gain, material security and growth.

Nuff said. Can anyone find a better, more accurate, precise, powerful and significant combination of Circumstances and Characteristics that rectifies Mercury Rx Energy, as the most significant agent of humanities personal change the next years? This is exactly what I will be doing.

The Transit of Venus

Negotiating for a business, run by women for women. Wish me luck! The three quarter moon astrology shows Chromios conjunct the ascendant, in Ottawa. Expect a colourful display, rainbow like. Liberals will win the most seats, but not a majority. With the seats from the NDP they should form a government. In order for this deal to happen, Justin Trudeau will step down and the leader of New Democrats will become Prime Minister.

The astrology is not unlike what happened in the USA in Election over, Liberals have a Minority, and indeed, New Democrats have enough to make it a Majority. Did you know Axel Harvey, by any chance? He was a friend, RIP. Sorry, never came across his stuff. People should not allow themselves to be distracted by you climate change alarmist. Yes to climate change awareness and measures to reduce global warming on planet earth, No to climate change alarmism.

Trying to use climate change to control the world, you will fail like religion did. You talk as if there are no vested financial interests at that conference. More proof that this retrograde is about business and financial manifestation. People going back to the ideas and projects they had shelved or putting effort to moving their current projects forward. Your time and that of your kind is up. Too many of you have capitalised on people not knowing with astrology being one of the unknowns and inaccessible. Trying to create a diversion with a conference that means nothing to many until people can find themselves and learn to use astrology to manifest their dreams and aspirations.

Combined it shows a Solomon seal, an important geometry for new energy generation. A composite midpoint chart taken between my birthdate, January 11, , and Cosmogenesis, June 21, shows a Solomon Seal: Tropical. The extremes in mood and behavior you display can often cause relationship problems. This period of time corresponds to synodic periods of Venus.

The pattern of Prior to , the pattern of transits was 8, The current pattern will continue until , when it will be replaced by a pattern of Thus, the year cycle is relatively stable, but the number of transits and their timing within the cycle will vary over time. For instance, there is a series which ended in BC, and the series which includes only started in AD The early Greek astronomers called Venus by two names— Hesperus the evening star and Phosphorus the morning star. There is no evidence that any of these cultures knew of the transits. In the Dresden Codex , the Maya charted Venus's full cycle, but despite their precise knowledge of its course, there is no mention of a transit.

The Persian polymath Avicenna claimed to have observed Venus as a spot on the Sun.

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This is possible, as there was a transit on May 24, , but Avicenna did not give the date of his observation, and modern scholars have questioned whether he could have observed the transit from his location at that time; he may have mistaken a sunspot for Venus. He used his transit observation to help establish that Venus was, at least sometimes, below the Sun in Ptolemaic cosmology, [15] i. In , Johannes Kepler became the first person to predict a transit of Venus, by predicting the event.

His methods were not sufficiently accurate to predict that the transit would not be visible in most of Europe, and as a consequence, nobody was able to use his prediction to observe the phenomenon. His friend, William Crabtree , also observed this transit from Broughton , near Manchester. Horrocks corrected Kepler's calculation for the orbit of Venus, realized that transits of Venus would occur in pairs 8 years apart, and so predicted the transit of Horrocks focused the image of the Sun through a simple telescope onto a piece of paper, where the image could be safely observed.

After observing for most of the day, he was lucky to see the transit as clouds obscuring the Sun cleared at about , just half an hour before sunset. He estimated that distance to be The observations were not published until , well after Horrocks's death. In Scottish mathematician James Gregory had suggested in his Optica Promota that observations of a transit of the planet Mercury , at widely spaced points on the surface of the Earth, could be used to calculate the solar parallax and hence the astronomical unit using triangulation.

Aware of this, a young Edmond Halley made observations of such a transit on 28 October O. Halley was not satisfied that the resulting calculation of the solar parallax at 45" was accurate. In a paper published in , and a more refined one in , he proposed that more accurate calculations could be made using measurements of a transit of Venus, although the next such event was not due until 6 June N.

In an attempt to observe the first transit of the pair, astronomers from Britain, Austria and France traveled to destinations around the world, including Siberia, Newfoundland and Madagascar. The existence of an atmosphere on Venus was concluded by Mikhail Lomonosov on the basis of his observation of the transit of Venus of from the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St.

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Lomonosov attributed that effect to refraction of solar rays through an atmosphere; he also reported the appearance of a sliver around the part of Venus that had just entered the Sun's disk during the initial phase of transit. To make a decisive test, a group of researchers carried out experimental reconstruction of Lomonosov's discovery of Venusian atmosphere with antique refractors during the transit of Venus on 5—6 June For the transit taking place on June N. The Czech astronomer Christian Mayer was invited by Catherine the Great to observe the transit in Saint Petersburg with Anders Johan Lexell , while other members of the Russian Academy of Sciences went to eight other locations in the Russian Empire , under the general coordination of Stepan Rumovsky.

Observations were made by a number of groups in the British colonies in America. In Philadelphia , the American Philosophical Society erected three temporary observatories and appointed a committee, of which David Rittenhouse was the head. Observations were made by a group led by Dr. Benjamin West in Providence, Rhode Island , [37] and published in For his trouble he died in an epidemic of yellow fever there shortly after completing his observations. The unfortunate Guillaume Le Gentil spent eight years travelling in an attempt to observe either of the transits.

His unsuccessful journey led to him losing his wife and possessions and being declared dead his efforts became the basis of the play Transit of Venus by Maureen Hunter.