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However, you may find that you are that partner you need and you can motivate others who are in the same position that you are in. Virgo, the joy is in the journey. You can find that the simple things in life bring you the most happiness and the big items can have too high of an ownership cost for you to even want to keep them any longer. Letting go of those items maybe easier for you, and you may feel relief once you no longer are bound by the responsibility of maintenance. Libra, how you feel about authority or not being in charge can come up today.

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Let yourself express how you feel in deed and in word. Scorpio, talk about property, looking into investments and building a treasure chest of goods can be profitable for you today. Sagittarius, when you are a friend to yourself first, everything else falls into place.

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  4. What you offer to others has value, and so you should honor your time. Capricorn, work can bring an interesting adventure your way. You can find yourself having to juggle many tasks. You can have an epiphany moment while working or doing something menial today. Aquarius, live in the moment. Leaving things to chance is a test of fate, but it allows the universe to be a master teacher. Pisces, being a follower has some advantages.

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    8. You learn from another person's mistakes and are afforded the luxury of not having to make any of your own. Aria Gmitter, M.

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      Follow Us. Sign in. If you do not believe in yourself, you might find out that you are working below your abilities.

      If you are a January 2 born, you will despise being let down or getting your plans postponed. You will have a romantic love life and be conscientious just like other Capricorn star sign. Both the January 2 man and January 2 woman are lovers of philosophy and art. You are a determined, hard working person with a high intellect and a great sense of justice.

      January 2 birthday characteristics show you are fair and highly competitive but do choose to work with people instead of working alone. You tend to take too much that you can handle at a time; you just need to pace yourself. Just like children born on January 1, you do try to cover your insecurity with your calm and cool look.

      The January 2 horoscope personality is highly dependable, witty, thoughtful and reliable. These are some of your strongest positive traits. These are the magnets that draw people closer to you. Your highly organized, creative and charisma coupled with the fact that you are a born leader are enough to show that you are indeed an active and dynamic leader. The 2 January birthday astrology predictions show that you possess strong will charisma, hard work, sense of fairness and justice, and commitment that are the core values of a good leader.

      Your sensitivity, demanding and determined nature are great tools in building your career to the top. You are always willing to learn anything that will ginger your quick realization of your goals. You have a remarkable ability to tune into your surroundings and a great unusual insight, a necessary tool for a successful career. The January 2 sun sign bestows upon you an incredible energy, endurance, flexibility, and extreme ability to work with others. Those mentioned above are necessary for your ability to have a large number of friends. By nature, you possess an unusual ability to be in the right place at the right time.

      This thus gives the January 2 men and women excellent opportunities.

      ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

      January 2 born personality are sometimes skeptical with someone they do not have faith in. You are sometimes devious and little minded. You are rarely impulsive but your impulsivity can be like a thunder strike for your unprepared friends. Always try to control your temper. The 2 January star sign reveals that you are most likely to be unnecessarily self-inhibiting and sometimes, over demanding and these attitudes.

      Daily Horoscope January 2, 2019 for Zodiac Signs

      If you are born today on January 2, you are most likely to be workaholic without remembering to rest. This ability of yours can affect your health drastically. You tend to be oversensitive and which can make you prone to serious mood swings or unpredictable nature. The January 2 birthday horoscope reveals that you are a true and romantic lover who gets easily attracted to a reliable, energetic and rational person who has the emotion to offer them support and guidance.

      Your heart cannot be conquered by someone who is not affectionate and trustworthy.

      January 2 Birthday Horoscope

      If you are born today on January 2, you often try hard to develop yourself if you think the right time for you to enter into a relationship has not come. You are extreme in love as you are a loyal lover who can sacrifice many of your dreams for your loved one. The January 2 horoscope compatibility is the best with people that are born on 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18 th , 20 th , 23 rd , 27 th , and 29 th.

      You are most attracted sexually to those with Taurus and Virgo zodiac signs and always in search of attractive and sensible partners, and the best to offer these are the natives of Cancer. Before you choose your career, you need to take note of the fact that you have abilities that can make you work in a variety of career.

      The January 2 birthday personality traits show you to be determined and hardworking. This can earn you a place in the business world like media and advertisement. While it is Saturn that can be credited with your discipline, organized and determined qualities, it is Venus that links to your sociable and cooperative tendencies.

      The Moon is in Cancer today.

      Your unique combination of planetary influence makes you the most adaptable, sociable and creative of all the Capricorn Decans. You apply determination and creativity to all aspects of your life, even in your romantic relationships. In love, you affectionately devote yourself fully to your partner and engage them with attention. If you had one downfall, it would be your pessimism.

      In times when your mood is especially low, attempt to cultivate an optimistic outlook.