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Gemini and Leo stimulate each other's creativity and they share a mutual understanding. However, they can grow apart when there is too much hustle and stress and lack of intimacy. This is an interesting combination.

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In this Star Sign relationship, things can go either way. If Leo understands Cancer's sensitivity and Cancer gives sufficient attention to Leo, they will be happy together. Undeniably, a relationship of two Leos can easily become a power struggle.

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Both Star Signs are ambitious and both like to be in charge. Working on that together, can create more equity. These zodiac signs, however, are known for their positivity. Leo and Virgo are not the most compatible. There may be many conflicts and they definitely have to learn to give in.


A relationship between these two astrological zodiac signs is a real challenge! As colleagues or friends they can get along fine.

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A relationship between Leo and Libra, is well balanced and harmonious. Together, they are able to achieve great things. Both Star Signs feel happy with each other and there can be much passion. Leo and Scorpio in a relationship will encounter quite some challenges. If there is sufficient open communication, a relationship could work well.

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For Leo it is important to have a sounding board and to share his feelings. There is attraction on all fronts, therefore, this is an outstanding combination. For these Star Signs, life is an adventure without end. They like to go out in the world together and there is no hesitation to step into the next challenge. Leo and Capricorn is not the greatest combination. Initially, everything can be just fine.

At a later stage, they can easily be at each other's throats. Ask a Question From Rob Tillett.

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Lucky colours are crimson and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 6 and With the planetary forces at odds, you may have differences with your friends today. The love of money is the root of all evil, and today you may wish you had never heard of the stuff. As mighty Mars moves into Libra, the pressure from behind the scenes also grows.

Lucky colours are gold and purple.

Leo: Romantic & Proud Lover

Lucky numbers are 12 and Lucky colours are charcoal and lemon. Lucky numbers are 17 and 7. Take it easy today. You should also try to keep away from anyone who has a nasty habit of making you feel bad or putting you on the defensive. Lucky colours are sapphire and toffee. Lucky numbers are 31 and Lucky colours are amethyst and ivory. Lucky numbers are 24 and Sensual Venus cruises into your sign today, boosting your charm and giving you a yen for something new and different.