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Do not panic, pretend that everything is in order. In the evening you need to do your body, massage and treatments will be very effective. In the morning you will be able to cope with the resolution of all the accumulated issues. You need to carefully monitor the thoughts of your opponents.

In the afternoon, you may encounter an unforeseen situation. Do not take responsibility for what is happening. Seek help from an influential person to resolve problems.

This day will bring important changes. Meeting new people will provide an opportunity to expand the boundaries of your influence. In the afternoon, teaming with like-minded people, you will get a good profit. Do not be afraid to abandon those plans that are unpromising.

Directing all efforts to the implementation of new ideas, you will get high results. Today, difficulties may arise related to relatives. You will have to escape from work to solve personal problems. Do not share your experiences with colleagues. Behave as if nothing had happened. In the afternoon, it is worth doing work with documents.

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Be careful not to make a mistake. Today you are waiting for a chance meeting with an influential person. Do not miss the opportunity to talk about your promotion. In the afternoon you will receive help from your old partner. It is worthwhile to prepare new plans to achieve long-term goals. Work may be delayed, so do not plan anything for the evening.


Today your emotions will constantly change for no apparent reason. You should reschedule all the important meetings. Overcoming difficulties will help the advice of a loved one. In the afternoon, beware of adventurers. Do not risk your position for the promised profit. In the evening, it is best to visit old friends. This day will bring good luck to experts in the field of advertising and marketing. Today, the muse of inspiration will bring unusual ideas.

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Ages Participants are required to speak and understand Ukrainian. There is a separate application process for students residing in Ukraine.

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