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Although on January 12th we will have Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Pluto conjunct within one degree of Capricorn, and, as stated, Jupiter will be in Capricorn as well. That is a lot of Capricorn. In my Internet research for this article I noticed that the owner of Amazon. It should be a hell of a birthday for that fellow. This is a big deal. One fact pointed out by Astrologer, Alan Oken, is that this upcoming triple conjunction will more or less conjunct that previous triple conjunction.

I also, however, see this Great Conjunction as a revisiting of the hope and promises of that time of the final ending of the Cold War, and of all of the ways in which we have fallen way short of those hopes and promises. In fact on September 11, , Pluto was right on top of the Sagittarian self-image of the United States, as Saturn was in opposition to it. Now, I could go into a lot of details as to how this is likely to affect the U. Natal chart. This Square in our chart I have previously identified with the intense polarization we are prone to, going back to the Civil War and beyond.

So there will be no lightening up of the intense political polarization we are now experiencing. The intensive periods for this will be in January and September of This will take place for the first time since our birth in This Pluto Return will be exact in Saturn moving through Capricorn will also enter our Second House at the end of this year, and a bit later so will Jupiter.

Now, there are also other nations with strong Capricorn influence who will likely experience a great effect here. China and the Untied Kingdom come immediately to my mind. In fact, I think that what occurs in the U. Or perhaps there may be things happening in China. Of course wherever the transformation starts it will become a global collective experience, with perhaps the U. K, and China being major players in it. Stepping back to try to get a sense of what the deeper lessons behind all of these Astrological exams are, one must notice a strong emphasis on the Earth element.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are the three Earth signs. In , 4 of the 5 slow-moving outer planets will be in Earth signs. In addition to the Capricorn line-up of planets we will have Uranus entering into seven years of being in the Earth sign Taurus. Knowing what Hilarion has to say about the Sun in the signs of Capricorn and Taurus, however, is the best way to have a sense of what these other planets in these signs are meant to be teaching us.

The Capricorn Effect

Because this does represent a contribution, even though not really at the spiritual level, a tap is permitted into a source of constructive and creative energy which drives the Capricorn to accomplish something worthwhile upon the earth plane. But because the help for others was limited to the material plane, blindness is introduced into the make-up of the Capricornian personality which makes it more difficult than usual to perceive the reality and value of spiritual concepts and the higher wisdom. Though difficult, it is not impossible, and the Capricornian who succeeds in making of his life a dedication to a higher reality achieves far more and conquers a much greater obstacle than most other souls have to contend with.

End Quote. Now, knowing the above, and seeing that Pluto was heading for entry into Capricorn in , led me to predict that Pluto would likely pull the rug out from under any tendency to be overly identified with concrete, material, financial realities for your identity and your security. Of course that Plutonian lesson will be operative until Saturn, however, will bring that lesson home somehow and force some responsible, commitment to work on it, and perhaps Jupiter may well create some enthusiasm to expand the old traditional conservative ways of dealing with such issues.

The Taurus individual has, at the soul level, a deep understanding of the meaning of love. This is attested to by the rulership of Venus over this sign. The grasp of the right approach to love and its true meaning is again a kind of gift which the soul has given itself — in this case, as a result of an incarnation in which a self-sacrificing love was cherished for another, usually without being fully returned. This act of selfless devotion allows the soul to tap deeply into a wellspring of pure love at a very high spiritual plane, which constantly feeds into the soul a great capacity for love and affection.

Again, along with the gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Taurus, the task is to learn to express the love side unconditionally, simply allowing the affection to flow into and through the personality without damming it up, and without attaching conditions to the giving of affection. If there is any damming up or restriction of the affectional impulses, a problem arises due to the desire of this abundance of love to find a suitable object.


Denied an external abject, i. It is from this process that the oft-quoted tendency for self-indulgence in the Taurus stems. This is the time for the divine feminine to rise again. For our feelings to guide us. Saturn planet of karma is at its slowest now as it turns direct at 13 Capricorn September The PISCES energies are enhanced, Psychic, spiritual, meditative, envisioning, merging, boundaries, addictions, delusions, and dreams are all at peak.

This is an ending of endings as Pisces is the last sign and full moons are conclusions. A harvest moon energy would work well with citrine or amber crystals as similies. OMG so much nit-picking, workaholics, organization, worrying going on. It is ending now as Mercury and Venus go sanitized hand in hand into Libra on the 14th. Do a ritual on this empowered Full Harvest moon. Wear Gold and black. This is huge power boost energy. Shine your own soul power into the Darkness. Addiction issues may be out in full force. Get help, change your diet, see the results of what your addictions do to yourself and others.

You can get a handle on it. Psychic energy is popping and you can balance practical Virgo gut instincts with psychically enhanced lunar energies. Do incubate dreams tonight. Write a list of things you are grateful for and if you can send it down the river that would be an awesome way to flow with this Pisces ending cycle. All degree earth signs are illuminated. All sorts of things trying to distract a man as he engages in a creative endeavor.

And to do so, of course, one has to go out and find all the most difficult people and situations that can be discovered.

At best this degree is a hard worker who is doggedly determined to turn around even the most seemingly unredeemable state of affairs. The dangers here are 1 getting worn out or burnt out — hard working become abuse. The key here is adopting the right attitude. Pleiadian Symbol: A scientist discovering new equations that more completely explain the nature of the universe.

Azoth Symbol: Sailors about to be lured off course by the sound of seductive singing. A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil. Chandra Symbol. Seeing with our inward eye — although imperfectly — an inner vision of wholeness, we are inspired to patience and dogged persistence in attempting to fulfill that vision. Wild grapes growing everywhere. What has been arduous, difficult and recalcitrant eventually gives way to unbridled fecundity.

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Thanks to S. Anderson sjanderson for doing the diligent Virgo detail work on this.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto ~ Protect & Survive by Darkstar Astrology

These are very earthy grounding times. We are being buried alive says Fire and water signs. Time to hunker down and get the work done. Use this Virgo gang as allies to do it all. Virgo inconjuncts or quincunx degrees Aquarius and Aries. You will find this amped up Virgo energy difficult to handle, like a very restrictive sucker punch coming out of nowhere.

Make sure you can duck fast enough. The Sun recently trined Uranus putting innovative practical energy into the mix. This is a face-off which forms a T-square to Jupiter in Sagittarius at the 15th strongest degrees. I see this as justice for women who were used as sex slaves by secret Plutocrats and anyone who was abused by the Church. Saturn and Pluto are within 6 degrees of each other and will stay no more than 7 degrees apart until their monumental conjunction January 12, Times are heavy and intense.

The South node is sandwiched in between, highlight the releasing of outworn models of corporate structure and Patriarchal oppression. This is a very focussed nitpicky time.

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You can get a lot done. Pay attention to your diet and health regime. You will want to eat healthier now. Get a budget, save money. Enjoy being of service. Do it now, by mid-month Venus and Mercury move into Libra. Most of the life events like, job, money, marriage, education and career will be excellent for you Virgo star signs.

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The 5th house of Virgo is owned by Saturn. Professionally, one of the many things you are doing, will become a launching ramp in a new domain, with multiple satisfactions and outstanding financial benefits.

Virgo horoscope in is pretty good in career; however, other aspects are not smooth for Virgo.