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Your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. This is why there is still so much energy in you. However, now that Mercury is in your 12th solar house, you probably feel that you need to pay more attention to your psyche and the secrets you hide inside. The New Week begins with focus on your family and your home due to the influence of the previous Full Moon.

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This is probably why you need to ground yourself and disperse the excessive energy. However, the new position of Mercury from Tuesday will help you to expand your social horizons and meet new and interesting people! You feel inspired and Magical! Need more convincing? The Full Moon helped you communicate with people you love and get a positive feedback.

The New week begins with excessive energy regarding your financial status. Maybe something has happened there which made you rethink your plans and the way you deal with money. Travels are also predicted.

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  • CAPRICORN Tarot Reading!
  • However, exactly due to this excessive energy you might feel like you are living a very demanding time of your life. To help you more, you can try Your Daily Tarot Card. The New Week begins with intense energy in your psyche. The new position of Mercury will help you focus on your personal and professional relationships, fixing any issues that may come up.

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    • Well, your Tarot Card of the Day can reveal so much more. Something has been going on during the last weekend with friends and your social circles. Now, due to the new position of Mercury from Tuesday, you will be needed to focus on your health and your everyday life. Balanced diet and physical exercise can help you a lot and keep your vitality at highest possible levels. Remember to meditate! The New Week begins with so much energy regarding your professional life. There are things there that may keep you anxious.

      However, all this tension seems to be decreased daily as the week progresses. Moreover, good news come from the new position of Mercury in your fifth solar house. Thus, you will feel more flirty and witty. Bring happiness back in your life!

      Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

      More spiritual advice with your Tarot Card of the Day. The New Week has just begun and the effect of the Full Moon which occurred in the weekend is still pretty strong help you expand your awareness and succeed in your goals. Moreover, the new position of Mercury from Tuesday, will help you focus more on your family and your home as things there might need your attention and help. Members of your family may feel neglected or probably things in your house might need fixing. Changing your love karma receives much support this week.

      The same goes for your appearance although you need to proceed with caution. Wednesday, October 09 What happens to each and. Astrological Daily Predictions. Tuesday, October 08 You have itchy feet and want to explore and travel and this you most certainly should do, even if the trips you take are to local places of interest. Cancer Monthly Horoscope. With the Sun in Virgo, travel may be consuming your mind. This can mean literal travel, the urge to flit from place to place, but it can also be a kin. Leo Daily Horoscope. Today, you could be reminiscing about some good times you had with your loved ones.

      You have always been the life of any party as you can go all the w. Leo Weekly Horoscope. Financially, this is a great week for Leo natives. Leo Monthly Horoscope. Virgo Daily Horoscope. Your perfection can be a bane sometimes to your health. Since you are constantly thinking of doing things in the correct manner and in the minutest de.

      Virgo Weekly Horoscope. Your quest to focus on the self continues to bring favourable rewards. You will be expanding, growing and developing as a person and this is a time of. Virgo Monthly Horoscope. This is a favourable period for Virgo natives, you begin to focus on yourself, your career, dreams, desires and personal growth.

      Virgo is a sign that. Libra Daily Horoscope. Libra Weekly Horoscope. How are you coping with your thoughts? Does meditation quell the tide? What about yoga? Remember that we have ultimate control over our thoughts. Libra Monthly Horoscope. You begin this month with a degree of mental tension, which is completely natural for an air sign such as yourself.

      You are a cerebral creature and li. Scorpio Daily Horoscope. You may give cause for someone to antagonise you today. Normally, when someone crosses your path, you can get really vindictive. It is well known that. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope. You continue on in high spirits and with plenty of self-confidence. However, you use this, you will enjoy strong results. This is a great time to star. Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. Your self-confidence is shining through this month. You feel sure in your skin and grounded in your purpose. What you desire will come to you and peop. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope.

      You do have a positive attitude about life and this attitude spills over to your career and savings too.

      Money to you, is just a means to an end. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope.

      Astrology - Read Your Daily Horoscope |

      The pressure is on at work, but you navigate this well due to your naturally light and joyous spirit. It is hard to rile you up. You will be rewarded. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope. With the sun in Virgo, you need to find an outlet for physical, mental and emotional pressure and tension, one that is not self-destructive but more s. Capricorn Daily Horoscope.

      Aries (March 21- April 19)

      You are happiest when you have loads of work to do and when you are investing your hard earned money in profitable ventures. But today, you may be fee. Capricorn Weekly Horoscope.

      Capricorn, would you say that you are lucky? Capricorn Monthly Horoscope. With the sun in fellow earth sign Virgo, luck favours you. You will complete all the tasks that you set out to accomplish, but there may be some obsta. Aquarius Daily Horoscope. You can make a good catch as a partner, since you are so caring and express yourself so well on any subject.

      Today, the Moon in Aquarius will make you. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope. Aquarius, as a fixed sign, once you set your sights on something or someone or understand the importance of it, you find it easy to follow through.

      August 26 To September 1, Your Next 7 Days As Per Tarot Cards

      Aquarius Monthly Horoscope. With the sun in Virgo, your attention may turn towards your health. Are you eating well?