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Though by profession I am a doctor but I have keen interest in astrology and know bit of it by now. As I have reach to retiring age , I would like to spend my time more on astrology. Pl let me know what books with authors names I should buy to extend my such knowladge and where could I get them? Happy to see your interest in astrology. One of the best astrologer is S Gopalakrishnan from Tamilnadu. SInce all of his valuable works are in Tamil only and teaches only in tamil, he is known only to limited circle.

But after searching for last 15 years, meeting various astrologers, books, etc. If only he translates his work into tamil or teaches in English, he will be revered like BV Raman. Can you please provide more details about him so as to reach him like his web page contact details etc. Does showing out natal chart to every other astrologer or getting our chart read by every other astrologer bad for us??

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Does it affect our energy?? Better to stick to one astrologer whom you trust. Thank you for your compilation. In general, do astrologers have clairvoyance or extra sensory powers? Any insight would be great. While we do have a honed and strong intuition while looking at charts, there is nothing super human about it. Sheer experience and a little divine help.

You are missing mr. Prash Trivedi is a champion. Probably the greatest out there. I rate Kapiel Raaj high as well not coz he is famous but bcoz he is open to ideas and listens to everybody. David Frawley and Marc Bony jaimini sutram are another top ones. KRS is not an astrologer…. I have to given one refund every week on average. This art is mysterious. Then your time of birth would have been wrong.

Astrology is very scientific it can never be wrong and i can challenge. If the time of birth is correct and person knows how to read spatial matrix and Ashtagvarga he can never get it wrong.

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He is in fact poised to become one of the greats if not the greatest coz he takes lessons from all top Astrologers and then put it in practice. In my view KRS would be known for taking astrology mainstream the greatest mouthpiece of modern day astrology. However, as an astrologer, he is not a part of my top I have consulted KRS his knowledge is very bookish. Some astrologers do this trick. He is a good movie maker and his contribution to spread of jyotish is priceless.

However, he is. Good work. It takes guts and shows your honesty. Could you please help with a affordable astrologer in Bangalore. Child has a rare disease and dr are confusing for surgery time. Well so what if Dr. I have written about the ones that I know.

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Sir- Please add Deepanshu giri to your list- He is a gem of a person when it comes to knowledge and prediction. Sir- Please watch his videos on youtube- His knowledge is going to astonish you in one lecture- I learned under some of the big names but was never able to predict but trust me -He is one man you can vouge for techniques and moreover his style of teaching -always bang on. Lunarastro is name of his channel. Hello, sir! All his videos are a gem of wisdom for me, I listen to him hypnotised.

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Darmesh is also great and such a sweet person!! I totally agree on VP Goel, he really deserves being in Top 10 astrologers. Thank you for spreading this knowledge and sharing with us!! With all due respect sir!

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But since he is not exactly Indian I did not add him to the list. Have you heard of Shri S. While this may be true, it also makes them distant and aloof from others. With the moon in Aquarius, individuals are extremely considerate and compassionate. An Aquarius-born shall be the first one to lend a helping hand to someone in great need, and they do it without expecting anything back. They give a lot of freedom to their partners, and this pretty much says about their inner strength and confidence lev.

They usually attract a lot of friends due to their optimism and friendliness. Aquarius-born individuals are intense and intuitive people who are born intellectuals. They value their freedom much not only on a personal level, but in a wider sense. For a cause that they believe in, they work with a greater passion and effort.

They display a great sense of humour, and are typically playful and childlike in nature when they are in their elements. They like to imagine and visualise and therefore they are great dreamers.

Moon Sign Aquarius – The Moon in Aquarius

Faithful and trustworthy as they are, they have an unusual charm that others can't resist. To discover more about yourself, we suggest you to purchase Your Astrology Profile report. Negative Qualities With the moon in Aquarius, individuals are inclined to remain distant and aloof from others.

True, these individuals have many friends, but in reality, they never allow anyone to get near to them and so they always keep a good distance from others. They are smart in creating an invisible barrier between them and others, which others find very tough to cross. These individuals also display the quality of being very stubborn about getting their way.

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  5. They may also be prone to temper tantrums and become unpredictable. At times, these individuals are inclined to be extremely unreliable about the details and may appear as if they are in their own dream world. Additionally, they won't take criticism liberally and this impacts them adversely. As described earlier, even in the matters of relationship, these individuals appear to be isolated and don't express their emotions openly to the peril of their partner.

    Do you want astrological guidance for any problems happening in your life? Talk to an Astrologer , he will analyse and provide you instant remedies based on your Birth Chart. Also Read Aquarius About. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. Sagittarius Horoscope. It is a great point because I often notice scientists or logical-mind-absolutists who claim, as Kapiel explained, that the smallest mistake on behalf of the astrologer is proof for the non-validity of the System.

    This is truly preposterous on account of the fact that this absolutely describes the nature of science: a continuous collection and collation of data over a period of time that lends to improvement of technique accuracy and method.

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    7. Astrology truly is one of the most difficult and unique sciences to master and I do believe those who attain a certain mastery owe a great service to the efforts of those that came before us and who literally died for their beliefs. Dude I was born near a new moon.

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      It's in cap so it's like the black sun of Saturn itself. Like those ancient Semite. We're in malkuth and the higher world's or sephirots Greeks believed the arts Apollo and Dionysus ideal was more than the base. Love them both very much, two of the greatest Astrologers together sitting at the same table on a cool vibe chat!

      I met both of you at the UAC I also started to follow both of you on Youtube just this past year. I somehow did not find this video until now. I appreciate you sharing this conversation with us. I'm being patient with my progressed moon in the 12 house, and look forward to unleashing my tremendous insights and astrology realizations when it enters my 1st house.